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What is abalo?

Rent out your lockscreen.

View ads, make money. Currently approximately € 5,- per month. abalo shows you beautiful, large scale ads on the lockscreen of your Android smartphone (version 2.2 or later) and you make money.
I want to be informed as soon as abalo is available for the iPhone.


Coupons and campaigns.

Behind some ads abalo is sending you there are coupons, promotions, or other advantages for you. You can profit not only by consuming ads and getting cash, but beyond.

Abalo Subjects
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Choose your advertising.

abalo sends you ads to your liking. Tell us what topics you are interested in and we will show you corresponding ads. You can change your preferences any time. The more complete and up to date you keep your profile, the easier for us to meet your specific wishes.

We are here for you.

We look after all the needs of our members. Have a look at our Support Center. There you can find all sorts of information about abalo. You may reach us business days from 9am to 6pm CET at support@abalomedia.com.

How do I become abalo?

Register now.

You have to register to use abalo. We need a few fundamental facts about you, beyond that it's up to you to provide as much as you are comfortable with. The more data we have about you, the more relevant and interesting ads we can send your way. And that increases your income with abalo. Of course, we will never give away or sell your data.

Get the abalo app.

Install the abalo app on your smartphone. Of course, you can do this even if you haven't registered with abalo yet. Please note that abalo is currently only compatible with smartphones running the Android operating system (version 2.2 and up).
I want to be informed as soon as abalo is available for the iPhone.

Enjoy advertising.

Once you're registered and have the abalo app installed, you will receive ads on the lockscreen of your smartphone. Beautiful ads. Ads which are relevant and interesting to you. Ads you are paid for. You will earn 0,18 Eurocent for each ad you view -- currently approximately € 5 per month.

Earn money.

At abalo, we settle accounts every month. You can choose to have your money transferred to your bank or PayPal account or to donate it to one of our NGO partner organizations.

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What our users say about abalo

The idea behind this is absolutely perfect and is everything the heart of a future student of business economics desires. Please carry on and keep up with this fantastic idea! Kudos from my side and best regards from Bremerhaven Facebook, September 2013
"I am still excited! The ads are high standard and they look great. Give us more!!!"" Facebook, September 2013
Customer service: ***** Handling: ***** Ad placements ***** Totals to "five stars" for a great performance! The kick off was a big step in the right direction. In my opinion the best thing Google has accepted in the Play Store so far! Google Play Store, Mai 2013
"Unbelievable! I never thought this!! This App works perfectly. High quality ads not a bit annoying and in addition I get money. Cheers to the abalo team - super performance, thank you!" abalo Support Center, May 2013
ABALOMANIA! Unique App! Ads are displayed perfectly. Credit has been transferred and confidence built up. Congratulations and many thanks to the entire ABALO-TEAM!!! abalo User
Super software, usually I am very bugged by ads. I am barely watching TV because I am irritated by all the unwelcome ads! But it is something completely different if I can choose the ads and get money for viewing them: That is how I like ads :)
I am curious how this goes on, hopefully the app continues to work that well :) I personally would like more ads for PC and games, as parts of the publishers are already open for that. Just look at Let's Plays :)
Thanks – and please continue :) abalo User
I am positively surprised! Result after the first several weeks: Support is very good and friendly, responds very fast. Pay-out of the money earned works without problems. The ads are beautifully designed and do not disrupt at all. It could even be a little more advertisements. They already announced in a newsletter more ads to come soon. In any case I can recommend that app. Works perfectly on my Sony Xperia Z. Keep going. Looking forward to updates :-) abalo User
I am enthusiastic! The ads/pictures are so beautifully designed that I do not feel bothered by them at all – to the contrary. This is one of the rare opportunities where one likes to view ads and even gets paid for it :) It would be a beautiful addition if one could adjust the settings in a way that the ads permanently stay in the background. This would mean more varieties for the home screen. abalo User
Super idea, I like your concept very much. Most of all I like that I can choose my interests. I am curious how it will go on. Keep going! abalo User

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